Post-doc positions

Germanium-based qubits

A 3-year post-doctoral research position (f/m/d) is available at the LaTEQS laboratory of CEA in Grenoble.The experimental researcher will join an existing team (3PhDs,3staff, 3 staff researchers,2engineers) focusing on the development of novel quantumq electronics based on Ge/Si heterostructures.This emerging material,which embeds high-mobility mobilitymobility two-dimensionalhole gas,has been identified as a promising candidate for spin qubits and hybrid superconductor-semiconductor qubits [1]. Along this line, we have already obtained some first encouraging results, such as the demonstration of ballistic hole transport over long distances[2] and the realization of Josephson field-effect transistors and gate tunable SQUIDs[3].

Example of a two-layer gate strucuture defining a hole quantum dotvin a Ge / SiGe heterostructure.
Example of a two-layer gate structure defining a hole quantum dot in a Ge/SiGe heterostructure. This structure was fabricated in our cleanroom. Scale bar: 100nm

[1] G. Scrappuci, et al. Nature Reviews Materials 6, 926-943(2021)
[2] 2. R Mizokuchi , et al. Nanoletters 18, 4861-4865 (2018)
[3] F. Vigneau et al. Nanoletters 19, 1023-1027 (2019)

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