Louis Jansen farewell celebration

Tuesday, January 30th 2024, we celebrate the scientific carrier accomplishment of Louis Jansen who will now retire. Louis graduated from the University of Nijmegen (The Netherlands) where he did his PhD (1977-1980) on “Point contact Spectroscopy in metals”. Following this pioneer work, point contact spectroscopy became a very active and growing field of research with only 6 articles in 1980 and almost 200 articles and more than 6000 citations in 2020. After two years at the Philips research laboratory in Eindhoven and 3 more years at Nijmegen, Louis and his family settled in Grenoble. Louis worked at the LNCMI, hired by the Max Planck Institute, as a local contact from 1985 to 2022. During that period, Louis published an incredibly large number of articles on the low temperature electronic and magnetic properties of various materials from organic conductors to heavy fermions. In 2002, Louis joined the CEA, first as a director of the SPSMS (now PHELIQS laboratory) and then as an active member of the LaTEQS team. There, he contributed a lot the scientific advances is almost all the research projects of the team thanks to his wide and deep knowledge in mesoscopic physics. For the recent years, Louis was very much involved in the LaTEQS activity on CryoCMOS in strong collaboration with the LETI.

Congratulations Louis for your wonderful carrier and thank you very much for you work at PHELIQS.