Reaching Us


CEA/ Grenoble
17 rue des Martyrs
38000 Grenoble


From Grenoble train station:
Tramway B stop at "CEA Cambridge"

Life in Grenoble

Welcome to the French capital of the Alps! Grenoble has grown to be one of Europe’s most important research, technology and innovation center, with a strong focus on microelectronics and nanoelectronics, bringing together talents from all over the world. Surrounded by mountains, Grenoble is also a paradise for outdoor activities. Here, you can go skiing in less than half an hour, you can climb natural walls, which are within walking distance of the lab, breath fresh air in one of the many national parks nearby or you can enjoy a nice view over the mountains during your weekly jogging to "La Bastille".

Grenoble is also an important university center. One third of the population are students and young researchers, which makes Grenoble a vibrant place with lots of cultural and sports events. The many parks and squares in the city centers with their bars and restaurants invite for a beer after work or a dinner with friends. Since Grenoble is flat, biking is the preferred way of commuting within the city. In short, Grenoble is an international but cozy town, which has something for everyone!

N.B.: All the photos below were taken during lab trips ;)