Presentation of the project

While spins are excellent quantum bits, their long-range coupling remains a challenge to tackle towards complex quantum computing architectures. Our research proposes to take up this challenge using a microwave photon as a quantum mediator between qubits in silicon (see first figure).

Practically, we plan to couple hole spin-orbit qubits in silicon to high impedance microwave resonators as illustrated in second figure. We expect that a strong photon/spin-orbit qubit is achievable allowing long distance quantum state transfer between spin qubits.

This project involves Romain Maurand, Cécile Yu, Gonzalo Troncoso Fernandez-Bada, Estelle Vincent, Simon Zihlmann, Zoltan Scherubl, Frederic Gustavo, Jean-luc Thomassin et Frederic Poletti. It is funded by the European Research council under the ERC starting grant project LONGPSIN (link).