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Over the recent years the LaTEQS has focused its research activity on exploring the electronic quantum properties of materials and devices. Materials are studied for their fundamental issues - highly disordered superconducting films or twisted bilayer graphene and for their integration potential - heavily doped superconducting silicon and superconducting silicides. Single or double silicon quantum dots are model circuits that require a deep understanding of the electronic quantum response in order to proceed towards large scale integration. Hybrid superconducting – normal/semiconductor devices with two and three terminals are also model solid-state realizations which take advantage of superconductivity and quantum confinement. More complex circuits mixing together nano-patterned Josephson junctions and mm size superconducting resonators have been investigated in the field of the Josephson photonics. The expertise of the LaTEQS in experimental physics is completed by a strong collaboration with the theory group GT. The LaTEQS benefits from its strong experience in instrumental physics both to perform notable progress at the fore-front of quantum mesoscopic physics and to strengthen and develop its activity on quantum engineering sciences in particular in the microwave range.

The new challenges we are willing to take up are the development of several coupled CMOS qubits, the long-distance coupling of CMOS spin qubit and the low-temperature low power electronics in strong collaboration with the CEA-Grenoble/LETI and the CNRS/INEEL. We also expect important advances in our activity in the reinforcement of this partnership on hybrid semiconducting and superconducting nanostructures where careful optimization of materials and fabrication processes will play an essential role. With our recognized expertise in local probe imaging and spectroscopy that is very well adapted to investigate electronic properties of 2D materials, we plan to tackle the very hot topic of twisted bilayer graphene and play an important role in the research action 2D@Grenoble. Most of these themes are natural evolutions of the past and recent results obtained in the laboratory.

About us

The LaTEQS laboratory is located at the CEA-Grenoble in the north/west area of the Grenoble city. It is a member of Pheliqs lab at CEA/IRIG, at the heart of the Giant Campus close to the CNRS Neel Institute and the CEA/LETI (CEA Applied technology division). The research activities at the LaTEQS are focusing on exploring the electronic quantum properties of materials and devices. Those include disordered superconducting films, graphene or hybrid superconducting/semiconducting nanostructures and silicon/germanium spin qubits. The LaTEQS offers various experimental set-up’s operating at very low temperature supported by nanofabrications facilities around (PTA and LETI). The LaTEQS gathers around 30 people among them ten permanents researchers, support staff, PhD’s and post-doc’s.